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aeroplane in the blue sky amongst the transparent clouds on the way to Sicily

Live la dolce vita when you know there are direct flights to Sicily from the UK. Escaping to this beautiful Italian island has never been easier! If Sicily is your holiday destination of choice this year, be sure to refer to our guide to help solve any worries you may have before jet setting to the Mediterranean. Simply bookmark this guide to direct flights to Sicily from the UK, to use when you come to plan your adventure.

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What UK Airports Fly Direct to Sicily?

Sicily has two major international airports which you can fly directly to from the UK. The first being Palermo, located on the northwest region of Sicily, and the second being Catania, located on the east coast, near the base of Mount Etna. Etna has started to erupt on the evening of Sunday 13th August 2023, which means all flights to Catania have been on hold until Monday the 14th August at 8pm. We recommend checking with your operator before flying. Not only are both locations accessible via direct flight from the UK, these Italian Airports are also well connected to other European cities including Paris, Munich and Madrid, as well as other Italian locations. Meaning wherever your holiday to Italy may take you, you should be well connected. We have also included each airport code to make travelling that much easier.  

Direct flights from the UK to Sicily’s Catania Airport depart from:

Direct flights from the UK to Sicily’s Palermo Airport fly from:

  • London Heathrow (IATA: LHR)
  • London Gatwick (IATA: LGW)
  • London Stansted (IATA: STN)
  • Edinburgh (IATA: EDI)

With this many options to reach the Italian island of Sicily from the UK, it is no wonder the country was one of the top ten holiday destinations for U.K. travellers in 2019. After deciding which UK airport to fly directly to Sicily from, why not find a convenient Italian villa 90 minutes from the airport for the ultimate holiday ease?

walled pathway over a sea of water with sand coloured buildings in the background of an old Sicilian town

Where in Sicily Has Direct Flights from the UK?

Sicily only has two international airports, unlike the numerous Greek islands with direct flights from London. They are:

Sicily is one of Italy’s most popular islands to visit, alongside the island of Sardinia. If a secluded and hidden island is more of your holiday type, ferry connections can be frequent (depending on season) between the Italian islands, allowing you to explore more in a short timeframe.

Flight Times to Sicily from UK

Direct flights to Sicily from the UK can take between 3 hours and 3 hours 29 mins. This is dependent on the departing airport and which of the two Sicilian airports you fly into. A simple breakdown includes:

  • Direct flight time from London to Catania Fontanarossa – 3 hours.
  • Direct flight time from London to Palermo – 3 hours and 20 minutes.
  • Direct flight time from Edinburgh to Palermo – 3 hours and 25 minutes.
  • Direct flight time from Manchester to Catania Fontanarossa – 3 hours and 29 minutes.

Flights to Sicily from London or anywhere in the UK can vary depending on the season. That doesn’t mean relaxing in an Italian villa is not blissful during the winter months. Quite the opposite! Sicily’s weather makes visiting in the cooler season peaceful. However, it does mean double checking the time and regularity of flights and attractions before departure.

Flights & Ferry Transfers

If an Italian dolce vita is on the cards this summer, but Sicily is not your only stop then knowing how to connect your journey from mainland Italy and the surroundings is key. Whether you are interrailing through Europe or set on seeing every inch of Italy. It is reassuring to know that many are well connected by domestic flights and ferries. So not only do you have the option of direct flights to Sicily from the UK, you also have the option for other stopping points. They include:

  • By Ferry – Ferries operate throughout the year, but it is always best to check before you arrive at the port. In Sicily, there are many port options that connect Sicily to the rest of Italy, they include:
    • Messina
    • Palermo
    • Trapani
    • Catania

The duration of a ferry journey can vary between 3 hours and 8 hours, so if you are not set on the scenic route, we’d advise potentially looking at short connecting flights!

  • By Plane – The two largest airports on the island provide direct flights from the UK to Sicily, but there are also two smaller airports which help connect the island to the rest of Italy. They are:

Discover your next domestic flights between Sicily and the mainland, to start your Italian adventure now.

What Islands are Close to Sicily for Day Trips?

Sicily’s location in the Mediterranean means it is surrounded by several beautiful islands that are perfect for day trips. Some of the most popular islands near Sicily include:

  1. Aeolian Islands: The Aeolian Islands are known for their beautiful beaches, clear waters, and volcanic landscapes. Which is why they make for a popular tourist destination for divers and hikers. The easiest way to reach this island is from the port of Milazzo and taking the ferry or hydrofoil. Connections from this port run daily all year round.
  2. Aegadian Islands: If you are based on the west of Sicily, a day trip to one of the three Aegadian islands is a must! If you time your ferries right (depending on season) you may even be able to visit two islands in one day! The three islands are Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo. They can be reached simply by hydrofoil or ferry. 
  3. Isola delle Femmine: If you have done a direct flight from the UK to Sicily and landed near Palermo, then a boat trip to Isola delle femmine can be refreshing. You will want to time it right and give yourself plenty of time to find the perfect spot for the spectacular sunset. 

All of these islands are great options for day trips from Sicily, and each offers its own unique charm and attractions.

Noto, city walkway in Sicily Italy on a sunny day with bright blue skies.

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