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The view from flights to Alaska of an aeroplane wing over the snow covered mountains of Anchorage.

Booking flights to Alaska is a good first step if you want to visit this bucket list destination. The largest state in the United States, Alaska is famous for its breathtaking landscapes, amazing wildlife and all round beauty. It’s enough to tempt anyone to visit! If you are trying to book flights to Alaska from the U.K., make sure to have our handy guide on side to help you out!

Table of Contents:
What Are The Main Airports in Alaska?
Can You Fly Direct to Alaska from the U.K.?
Which U.K Airports Fly to Alaska?
How Long are Flights to Alaska from the U.K.?
Which Airlines Fly to Alaska?

What are The Main Airports in Alaska?

There are currently four international airports in Alaska. These are:

Juneau is the capital of Alaska however, it is overshadowed by the larger and more populous cities of Anchorage and Fairbanks. The majority of flights to Alaska arrive at Anchorage. Not only is it the biggest city, but it has some of the best connections to the rest of Alaska. Anchorage and Ketchikan are located near the gulf of Alaska making them good airports to fly into if you are planning to board an Alaskan cruise. Flights to Fairbanks are popular for visitors who want to explore Alaska’s Interior Region. For travellers curious to see Chris McCandless’ Magic Bus, it can be found in Alaska’s Museum of the North which is closest to Fairbanks airport.

A scenic Alaskan landscape with trees and mountains mirrored in a crystal clear lake.

Can You Fly Direct to Alaska from the U.K?

Unfortunately there are no direct flights to Alaska from the U.K. Unlike the many Greek islands with direct flights from London, flights to Alaska have at least one layover and sometimes two. It is most common to have a stop at Seattle-Tacoma Airport (IATA code SEA) before making the connection to Alaska. Other options if you are flying from the U.K. include stopping at:

Layover time generally ranges between an hour and 10 hours. Alternatively, direct flights to Alaska are available from Frankfurt Airport (IATA code FRA) so maybe you could tie in your Alaska trip with a holiday in Germany!

Which U.K. Airports Fly to Alaska?

Flights to Alaska from the U.K. are available all year round. The journeys with the fewest stops depart from the following airports:

It is also possible to fly to Alaska from Gatwick, Stansted, Luton, Bristol, Cardiff and Southampton but the journey will likely consist of 2 or more layovers.

How Long Are Flights to Alaska from the UK?

The flight time to Alaska from the U.K. can vary significantly depending on stops and layover times. The quickest journeys take around 13 hours whilst the longest journeys clock in at about 21 hours.

Green northern lights fill the sky above a snowy stretch in Alaska.

Which Airlines Fly to Alaska

Flights to Alaska are frequent between April and September with some airlines running flights twice daily. In the winter, regular flights are still available but options may be more limited. The main operators for flights to Alaska from the U.K. are:

An Alaskan Daydream

If you’re hopping aboard the 2022 travel trend of re-entering holidays with a big trip of a lifetime, Alaska is a destination you’ll never forget. It’s on many people’s bucket lists thanks to its plethora of attractions. From visiting the Gates of the Arctic (one of the U.S.’s undiscovered national parks), to going whale watching or seeing the northern lights, there’s plenty of incredible things to do. It all starts with booking flights to Alaska from the U.K.!


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