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The Polish castle of Niedzica-Zamek

It is no surprise that Poland was one of the 2019’s most visited holiday destinations from the UK. Stretching from the Port city of Gdansk in the North, to Krakow in the South, Poland boasts beautiful castles, cool beaches, modern cities and plenty of space. The country has a rich history that can often be overshadowed by recent history of invading nations. Whilst it may not be an obvious holiday destination, Poland deserves a place on your travel bucket list. For the British traveller, there are many holiday options to discover. Join us on our virtual exploration of Poland!

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The Polish Coast

For beach lovers, the Northern Polish coast offers beautiful beaches if not quite the Mediterranean climate! Beach towns like Sopot (between Gdansk and Gdynia ) boasts the longest pier/boardwalk in Europe and some of the most beautiful beaches. Dipping into the Baltic Sea, looking North towards the bottom of Sweden, other beach towns include Jurata, Międzyzdroje and Kołobrzeg offer large beaches and big skies. Head further east to find the idyllic sandy beaches of of Rügen in neghbouring Germany. Summer high temperatures will reach around 22c in June and July with a comfortable 15 – 18 in Spring and autumn.

You can fly from LHR to Gdansk direct in just over two hours, or grab a fast train from Warsaw in around two and a half hours.

Ancient & Modern History in Poland

Poland is chock full of ancient, and recent history. The southern city of Krakow, is one of the oldest cities in Poland and home to some stunning ancient buildings. Spared extensive damage in WWII Krakow’s beautiful old town retains much of it’s medieval architecture with the incredible Wavel Castle standing out like a fairy tale! The Old Town of Warsaw, Poland’s capital, recaptures much of the old charm of historic merchant houses that were destroyed in the war. The beautiful Pałac na Wyspie (Palace on the Isle) and surrounding gardens is Poland’s answer to Versailles, closer in style to Vienna’s Schönbrunn Palace, and an ideal for Sunday stroll.

The Northern City of Gdańsk dates back from the year 997 boasting a great collection of [restored] buildings including St. Catherine’s Church and the medieval town hall. In the eighties, the Gdańsk shipyards saw the formation of the Solidarnosk (Solidarity) movement that went onto become the first democratically elected political party at the end of Soviet rule. For Pink Floyd fans, there was a famous David Gilmour concert in Gdańsk which spawned a record and film, if that’s your thing.

We can’t ignore the impact of WWII not his great country and there are plenty of locations that remember the atrocities of the past. Auschwitz-Birkenau, near the town of Oświęcim is possibly the most well known locations which can be visited. The memorial is located just over an hour’s drive west of Krakow, which has local and international flights direct from the UK.

Polish City Breaks

For a change of pace, Warsaw can offer some fantastic dining experiences, like the rooftop Panorama Sky bar or the sophisticated Europejski Grill. Warsaw has been ranked as one of the top 10 most vegan friendly cities in the world, so there are plenty of places to try! Shopping in Warsaw has the usual range of global brands as well as some pretty cool local brands and shopping areas. Head to Mokotowska, Mysia or Szpitalna (they don’t have ‘road’ or ‘street’ in their street names) for small boutiques.

Warsaw old town

There is so much to offer in Poland that we suggest consider it as your next holiday destination. It may be less travelled than neighbouring Germany but still has plenty to interest even the most experienced traveller.

How to Travel to Poland from the U.K.

Probably the easiest way to travel to Poland from the U.K. is via a direct flight. You can fly non-stop to Poland from the following airports:

  • London
  • Manchester
  • Bristol
  • Newcastle upon Tyne

From London, you can fly to many different Polish cities, including Krakow, Warsaw and Poznan. Most direct flights to Poland take under 3 hours. If you’re not a fan of flying, you can also reach Poland from the U.K. via train. Take a trans euro express from London to Warsaw, with changes in Brussels and Berlin. This scenic route can take most of a day if you get the right connections!

The Polish zloty is the unit of currency. 1 zloty is roughly worth 18p or a quarter US dollar.

The cover image shows the beautiful Castle of Niedzica-Zamek on the Southern end of Poland. Pictureo by Dariusz Staniszewski from Pexels

Warsaw Photo by Stanley Ndua from Pexels


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