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Beach Holiday Destinations

Holiday destinations allow you to escape your mundane routine and experience new cultures. Depending on your preference you may look for a city break, beach holiday or something in between. Our guide is on hand to bring you the top ten holiday destinations for UK travellers to make choosing your next break easier.

Table of Contents:

The Top 10 Most Visited Holiday Destinations By UK Travellers

  1. Spain
  2. France
  3. Italy
  4. USA
  5. Irish Republic
  6. Netherlands
  7. Greece
  8. Germany
  9. Portugal
  10. Poland


Ibiza coastal view watching boats in the water

Spain still remains the most popular holiday destination for UK travellers according to the Office for National Statistics. With its relaxing sandy beaches, energetic nightlife and historic culture, Spain can offer you something for the whole family to enjoy. Whether you choose to stay mainland in cities such as Barcelona and Madrid, or explore an island in the Balearics. Planning your next escape to Spain could be the perfect getaway you deserve.


In 2019 alone, 10.3 million UK travellers reportedly chose France as their holiday destination. This makes it the second most popular location to travel to from the UK. It’s no surprise that UK travellers journey to France as it is the largest country in the European Union which can offer a diverse range of climates. From soaking up the sun poolside in the French Riviera, to gliding down the slopes in the Alps. France can offer a selection of holiday destinations for all year round.


Home to pizza and pasta, Italy’s popular islands serve up their best in the form of beautiful holiday destinations. This European location is popular with UK travellers for its unique, luxury Italian villas and architecture, sandy beaches and delicious food. Italy also has hidden islands which you may want to explore if you have already tried tourist hotspots such as Rome, the island of Sardinia and the Amalfi Coast. Usually tucked away near the tourist areas, you can find undisturbed towns which hold charm and character. Perfect for couples who want a romantic Italian holiday destination. Italy also has plenty to impress little ones and a trip to these Italian islands for families is one the kids will never forget.

colourful architecture next to a boat harbour in Italy


The USA has a diverse landscape which can offer something for everyone’s holiday destination needs. As the country is so large, with eight different time zones, it could be overwhelming to decide which state to choose first. We would recommend the first step is to decide whether you want to experience a hot or cold climate. You can then choose a beach holiday or a skiing holiday. For a taste of different cultures you could try some city breaks in New York, Boston, Austin or San Francisco. Or why not hop aboard a cruise to see multiple places in one trip? Another option is to experience the great outdoors in one America’s 63 National Parks. Check out our guide to 10 different holidays in America for more wanderlust.

Irish Republic

The Irish Republic is a firm favourite with UK travellers as it can be a quick one and a half hours flight to your chosen destination. When choosing Ireland as your holiday destination, you can experience the great outdoors and wonderful landscape this country has to offer. From wild swimming in the Causeway Coast to experiencing the famous Game of Thrones tours in Belfast. Ireland can offer so many unique activities that the whole family can appreciate.


canal view from one of Netherlands holiday destinations

Home to beautiful flowers, windmills and wooden shoes, the Netherlands can offer so much more as your next holiday destination. Within this European location, you have so much history at the reach of your finger tips. You can visit the canals in Amsterdam or the tulip fields in Holland all while sampling delicious Dutch cuisines. For this reason, it’s no surprise 3.57 million UK travellers chose it as their holiday destination in 2019.


Greece can be a popular holiday destination for UK travellers as it has a great balance of party atmosphere, fascinating history and relaxing sandy beaches. Whether you are looking for a family friendly Greek island, a secluded romantic getaway, or a party holiday for you and your friends, the Greek Islands have it all. An option for your first visit is the islands of Mykonos, Santorini and Rhodes.

The luxury Greek villas and sunsets are very instagramable, but it also has the option to explore throughout the day and party during the night. The perfect balance for a holiday destination from the UK. Discover the Greek islands with direct flights from London which you can visit all year round.

sunset over white greek buildings


Germany may not always be thought of as a traditional beach holiday destination, but it may surprise you to discover what this country can offer. During the summer months, Germany can be a treat for the senses with the blossoming trees as well as the food and beer festivals. You can choose somewhere like Bodensee for its idyllic lakes and seasonal festivals, or stick with city locations such as Berlin, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt. Either way, when visiting Germany for your next holiday destination, you can discover new museums, festivals and outdoor entertainment.

clear blue waters surrounded by Lagos’s natural rocks


Portugal is one of Europe’s top sun seeking holiday destinations, which is why it is a popular choice for UK travellers. In the southern region, you will find the Algarve coastline which is home to some of the country’s most celebrated resorts. Within this compelling area you can find world-class golf courses, excellent beaches and beautiful natural parks. If you want to experience more of Portugal’s culture, you may want to choose an area such as Lisbon for your holiday destination. Whatever sparks your interest, Portugal will have a place for you.


If you want a holiday destination which is rich in history and culture, Poland could be the place for you. In 2019 3.23 million UK travellers visited Poland to explore the ancient country’s mountains, lakes and medieval architecture. Krakow is a popular holiday destination as it is the oldest city in Poland which escaped most of the WWII destruction. It is truly a must-see city, and you can even travel around by foot as Krakow is home to the Lasek Wolski forest which provides hiking trails to explore.

Exploring New Territories

Holiday destinations allow you to explore new territories and soak up the culture within that location. Depending on the time of year, you can always find a unique area to visit which can satisfy your holiday criteria. From winter sun and sandy beaches in Antigua to bustling city breaks in the Netherlands, you can find hidden gems in any location. The world truly is your oyster. Follow Virtual Wanderlust on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest for regular inspiration.


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