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Travel has bounced back with a bang in 2024 and with it has come a whole sleuth of travel trends. For the fully vaccinated, options are opening up across the globe. However, travelling hasn’t quite returned to pre-pandemic conditions and neither have our mindsets. As a result, 2024 is seeing a range of travel trends, some familiar and some new. We are looking at 5 travel trends that are taking over the globe. Read on and discover which trends you might want to hop aboard!

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Holiday of a Lifetime

One of the top travel trends for 2024 is that people are departing on once in a lifetime trips to epic destinations. One theory for why this travel trend has emerged is that the pandemic has created a sense of urgency. There is a new feeling that if we don’t go on our dream holidays now, we might miss the chance. Many big holidays that were always earmarked for ‘someday’, are being booked today! Another reason is that people want to restart travelling with a big splash. Many people are whisking away to bucket list destinations like the Maldives or Antigua to satisfy their pent up wanderlust. It’s also popular to upgrade rooms, book more premium hotels or try luxury villas to make that first holiday back extra special.


Remote working has prompted the start of a new travel trend, the work-cation. Connectivity allows for colleagues to collaborate from anywhere in the world. It is possible to work from a laptop in a holiday destination and some travellers are making the most of it. People are swapping the dreary London tube for a plane to an exotic beach. Work-cations are a trend that lets people get away whilst still clocking in the hours. Some companies like Kayak are even actively supporting this lifestyle by introducing ‘Work from Almost Anywhere’ policies. 

A man sits on a rock at the beach on his laptop, making the most of the workcation travel trends.

Utter Disconnection

Utter Disconnect is a new travel trend on the direct flipside of work-cations. Wifi makes it easy to be accessible at all times and with working from home, a lot of people have been having a hard time switching off from work. Travellers in 2024 are looking for a complete rest that involves taking a break from devices and social media entirely. There has been an increase in visits to remote and lesser-connected destinations such as the Galapagos as well as more interest in hiking trips that get you away from technology. This is the travel trend to remedy stress and burnout. 

The Long Holiday

In 2024, people seem to be travelling for longer periods at a time. This travel trend is particularly popular among young people. Making up for missed gap years seems to be a big driver behind this trend. Another potential explanation is that in line with the great resignation, people are rethinking their priorities and seizing the opportunity to travel in between jobs. Alternatively, some are just making up for lost time or cashing in any carried over holiday they didn’t take during lockdowns. Whatever the cause, more people are going on holiday for weeks or even months on end.

The silhouette of a backpacker climbing over rocks in the pink hues of a sunset.

Nostalgia Trips

Daydreaming about travel has been common throughout the pandemic and there has been plenty of time to look at old photographs and reminisce. Combine this with missing loved ones and feeling nostalgic about memories made together in special places. Out of these emotions has come the nostalgic travel trend of returning to past holiday destinations. Many people are going on a trip down memory lane and revisiting countries such as Greece and Spain which were both in the top ten U.K. travel destinations in 2019. 

Travel Trends Sparked Inspiration?

Are you jumping aboard any of these travel trends? If you’ve been inspired to join the trend of a once in a lifetime trip, why not road trip through America? Or if you fancy a work-cation, why not make one of these Luxury Italian Villas your new office? Keep up to date with all the latest travel trends by following us on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.


Jay is the founder of Wine Travel & Song and contributor to Virtual Wanderlust. A published writer and photographer, Jay is an extensive traveller, a passionate music fan but an average cook. He loves the Eagles, U2, Genesis and Pink Floyd. A trusted Google Local Guide & TripAdvisor Superstar, Jay's travel photos have been seen over 26 million times and counting!

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