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Parked yellow convertible overlooking a mountain view.

For most of us, travel is a holiday or a vacation – a chance to recharge, to be inspired and to experience new tastes , sights and smells. As a bunch of ‘wanderlusters’ you will find us looking at photos of previous holidays, scrolling Instagram hashtags for inspiration or planning our next getaway.

Virtual Wanderlust is a place where we can share our passion for all things travel and travel related. From hidden Italian Islands and luxury greek villas to US City breaks, we hope to share inspiration and experiences that may help satisfy or strengthen your own wanderlust.

If Wanderlust means “A Strong Desire to travel”, Virtual Wanderlust means “A Strong Desire to go travelling again”!


Jay is the owner of Wine, Travel and Song - a blog to share many eclectic adventures in taste, sight & sound

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