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Incredible remote working destinations allow you to have the best of both worlds. Be inspired to do some of your best work. Feel like you are on holiday the whole time. It’s the perfect situation! If you work from home and are looking to shake up your routine, consider taking a work-cation trip to Europe. Not sure where to start? Virtual Wanderlust has rounded up 7 of the best remote working destinations to try in 2022. Relocate your home office to one of these amazing places and open up a world of opportunities!

Table of Contents:

  • What is a Remote Working Destination?
  • Key Features of a Remote Working Destination
  • 7 Best Remote Working Destinations in Europe 

What is a Remote Working Destination?

Remote working destinations are places where you can feel like you’re on holiday and do your job at the same time. As travel opens back up, work-cations are one of the top travel trends we are seeing emerge. Thanks to global connectivity, it is possible to collaborate with colleagues from all over the planet. You can work whilst enjoying all the perks of being abroad.This type of trip is also known as a bleisure holiday which is a combination of business + leisure. Swap your old commute for a flight. Clock in the hours whilst catching some sun. Try a European remote working destination! 

Key Features of a Remote Working Destination

Europe is overflowing with exceptional holiday destinations. From Greek islands for history to Italian islands for families, there is a destination for every eventuality. But what makes a place an ideal remote working destination? Here are the key things to consider: 

  • Well-Equipped Accommodation – It is essential that a remote working destination has top quality accommodation that is equipped with all the facilities you need to do a full day’s work. There are plenty of different types of accommodation to choose from. Make sure whichever option you choose has quiet space, a desk and any other facilities you require. It might be tempting to choose a luxury greek villa with a private pool but double check it has an office space first!
  • Good Connectivity – The majority of modern jobs require access to the internet. It is crucial that a remote working destination has good connectivity. Check that an area has dependable data providers or access to high speed wifi. 
  • Manageable Time Difference – Remote working destinations in Europe tend to work well because the time difference should only be a few hours maximum. This means you can be available to collaborate with your colleagues. If you are an early bird or a night owl, it might be worth considering how the time difference could affect your productive hours.
  • The Weather – Depending on the time of year, the weather across Europe can differ vastly. From sunny summer holidays in the Mediterranean to snowy winter holidays in the alps. This means you have plenty of choice. You may not be able to work in the scorching heat. You may want to choose somewhere with long days so you can enjoy the light after working hours. Consider the season before booking a remote working destination.
a work set up on a balcony with a view of the azure sea.

7 Best Remote Working Destinations

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is a top contender for the best remote working destinations in Europe. The capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is built up around the Amstel River. The city boasts more canals than Venice in Italy. Plus there’s plenty of green spaces for a break from the desk. Amsterdam also has lots of fascinating museums to get your thoughts flowing and a buzzy atmosphere to spark creativity. A potential downside is that the city is relatively expensive. 

Recommended time of year to go to Amsterdam: April to November

2. Tbilisi, Georgia

Tblisi is a wonderful remote working destination for those on a budget. It is estimated that the average cost of living here is between £350 and £700 per month. Just because you are saving money does not mean you are missing out on amazing surroundings. Tbilisi is filled with churches, museums and art galleries. The picturesque cobbled streets are home to funky restaurants and bars. It is the perfect remote working destination for a work hard, play hard mind set.

Recommended time of year to go to Tbilisi: May & June or September & October 

3. Lisbon, Portugal 

Lisbon is a heavenly remote working destination. This city is Portugal’s capital and it has a rich cultural heritage. The historical landmarks only add to the stunning natural beauty here. What’s more, Lisbon has a youthful and vibrant spirit which is refreshing after a long day’s work. The Mediterranean climate makes Lisbon an especially great remote working destination for those looking for some winter warmth. 

Recommended time of year to go to Lisbon: September to May  

4. Prague, Czech Republic

There is a long list of reasons why Prague is one of the best remote working destinations. Its many delightful cafes have divine coffee to fuel you. There are more museums, landmarks and galleries than you could hope for. Coworking spaces are common if you want to work outside of your accommodation. There is a great expat community here who will welcome you with open arms. Prague is such a popular remote working destination you might be tempted to relocate permanently!

Recommended time of year to go to Prague: May to October

5. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is an especially fantastic remote working destination for creative spirits. A haven for anybody who feeds off cutting-edge culture and unconventional thinking. Baroque palaces contrast with modern boutiques to create a truly inspiring cityscape. In spite of being such an impressive remote working destination, Budapest is still relatively affordable. 

Recommended time of year to go to Hungary: May & June or September & October 

a laptop and breakfast on a table in an edgy cafe in a remote working destination

6. Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb may not be the first place you think of when looking for a remote working destination but it should be! The capital of Croatia, Zagreb is the perfect balance of peaceful escape and exciting atmosphere. Within walking distance, you can discover amazing architecture, historical sites, superb restaurants and edgy bars. What’s more, Zagreb is dubbed the city with the most museums per square foot in the world. Zagreb has a mild climate so you can work here in summer without overheating. 

Recommended time of year to go to Zagreb: April to September 

7. Berlin, Germany

Berlin is one of the more expensive remote working destinations but that is because it is one of the best! It offers a quality of life that is hard to beat. Tech start-ups, co-working spaces and digital nomads have transformed Berlin into a vibrant hub of creativity and innovation. Not to mention the city is full of inspirational culture and museums. Cosy in winter and balmy in summer, you won’t regret choosing Germany’s capital for your remote working destination.

Recommended time of year to go to Berlin: March to November 

8. Helsinki, Finland

Digital nomads flock to the Nordic capitals as they are all wonderful places to work. Finland’s capital of Helsinki is one of the best. The city centre is laid-back with an intriguing dining scene. The surrounding area boasts some of the most spell-binding natural landscapes in Europe. The only downside is that Finland has very short daylight hours in winter. To make the most of this remote working destination, we recommend visiting Helsinki between April and October. 

Recommended time of year to go to Helsinki:  April to October

9. Barcelona, Spain

A list of the best remote working destinations in Europe would be incomplete without mentioning Barcelona. On the coast of north-east Spain, Barcelona has all the perks of city life with beaches just around the corner. There is free wifi in a wide range of public places. This means you have the option to work whilst out and about. The year round warm weather is the perfect antidote to gloomy winters. The only problem with this remote working destination is that you might find it hard to focus on your job! There are just so many exciting things to explore around you!

Recommended time of year to go to Barcelona: May to June & September to October

10. Edinburgh, Scotland

You don’t have to travel to the continent for amazing remote working destinations. Edinburgh is an incredible city for remote work right on our doorstep. You will be impressed by the Mediaeval and Victorian history of the city. These historical surroundings make Edinburgh an inspiring place to work. After hours, the city comes alive with bars full of live music and dancing. If you don’t mind milder climates, Edinburgh is a great remote working destination. 

Recommended time of year to go to Edinburgh: May to September

Passion for Travel

These remote working destinations are ideal if you fancy combining work and holiday. However, you may prefer a complete escape. A visit to Antigua could be the change of scene you need. Or how about booking a cruise for a relaxing reset? Whatever your travel style, Virtual Wanderlust has recommendations for you. Keep up to date by following us on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.


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