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the amalfi coast in italy with colourful buildings

Italian holidays can offer something special for everyone, which is why this country is perfect for a family escape. Whether you like to relax by the pool or trek into the mountains, Italy can provide it all. Within our handy guide, we will take you through the top five reasons why you should choose Italy as your next holiday destination. So sit tight and revel in the wonder that is this European country.

Table of Contents:

5 Reasons Why Italy Should Be Your Next Holiday Location

  1. Food & Drink
  2. History
  3. Locations & Scenery 
  4. Fashion
  5. Family Friendly

Food & Drink

authentic italian pasta being made

When compiling a list of reasons to take an Italian holiday we have to mention the food and drinks! Throughout the world Italian food is well respected and often replicated, but this isn’t to say you have tried the best. Authentic Italian food is something everyone should try at least once in their lifetime. From pizza in Naples, to pasta in Sicily, when on an Italian holiday be prepared to eat an array of delicious food! Fun fact, Italy’s pasta types run into the hundreds! See how many you can try on your next Italian holiday. 

To wash down the flavours within the food, you can also experience beautiful Italian wine. Italy creates a wide variety of reds, whites and rosés which can suit any occasion and budget. Currently, Italy produces around a fifth of the world’s entire wine selection. They have three main wine regions which are: 

  • Tuscany for dry red wines
  • Piedmont for Nebbiolo-based wines 
  • Veneto for prosecco 

Each one brings a unique flavour to your palate which you can enjoy while relaxing on your Italian holiday.


visit leftover historic ruins on your italian holiday

The history that lies within Italy is like a treasure trove waiting for you to open it. Through museums and beautiful architecture, you can spend the days of your Italian holiday getting lost in time. A location to consider is wandering through the Botanical Garden in Padua. You can capture the breathtaking landscape of the world’s first botanical garden, which has since been retained as a university of scientific research. If you are fascinated by the ruins of Pompeii, you will love exploring around Herculaneum. It was the second city to be buried beneath the ashes of Mount Vesuvius but compared to Pompeii it has been preserved far better. These are just a snapshot of the history you can experience for yourself when you take an Italian holiday.

Locations & Scenery

colourful buildings in italy next to a lake

Italy is a country which can offer so much in terms of locations, sceneries and accommodation. For your Italian holiday, you can choose between cities, coastal or countryside locations, and hidden islands with luxury Italian villas

A selection of our favourite cities to explore on your next Italian holiday include:

  • Rome
  • Milan
  • Venice
  • Naples

Each one can present vibrant colours both upon the building but also in the form of fashion choices. If you don’t want the crowds of the cities, choosing a coastal location, such as Positano in the Amalfi Coast, could be the golden ticket you need for a relaxing break! Another consideration is venturing to the popular Italian islands which can include Panarea, Capri and Sardinia. The sandy white beaches and the delicious food capture the hearts of many, including Jackie Kennedy who made the island of Capri famous by her visit in the 1960s. Travelling to all these islands are easy as you can sometimes get direct flights or a short boat journey to your required location. Even if you take a day trip to one of these islands, you will not regret the time spent there! Besure to add a visit to an island when you book your Italian holiday.


woman carrying black luxury bag in italy

Italy and fashion have always gone hand in hand. Known for its high-quality craftsmanship and luxury designs, Italian fashion has been a staple since the 11th century. When exploring the markets on your Italian holiday, you can appreciate the quality and textiles used in a range of consumer goods, from handbags and clothing, to gifts and perfumes. You will find small boutiques that sell the up and coming designers or larger stores which carry the clothes of the top fashion houses in the world. Some of the worldwide fashion houses were created in Italy including Prada, Gucci, Versace and Valentino. These famous labels paved the way for other italian designers to make their mark in history. For Italians fashion is an art form and a way to express their personal style. For your next Italian holiday besure to stop by the boutiques for a spot of retail therapy!

Family Friendly

family watching sunset in italy near sea

One of the most popular reasons why Italy makes a great holiday destination is because it has something for the whole family. From sightseeing tours for adults to water parks for children and young adults, whatever area you choose, you can relax knowing everyone will be entertained!

Ready to Take Your Dream Italian Holiday?

Exploring what Italy has to offer can be educational, romantic and exciting all at the same time. No wonder it is one of the top ten locations for UK travellers to visit! For this reason we know choosing an Italian holiday is something everyone should be able to experience. Before you jetset off, you may want to read more on the beautiful lakes you can visit in Italy or which Italian island to choose first. With the help of Virtual Wanderlust, we can uncover those hidden gems to make your luxury holiday to Italy even more special.


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