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Clear blue pool water and azure sky contrasts with whitewashed bricks of a Greek villa 90 minutes from an airport.

Staying in a Greek villa 90 minutes from an airport means that you can enter holiday relaxation mode as quickly as possible after landing. Say goodbye to stressful train connections or long expensive taxi rides. Instead, say hello to sipping an ice cold drink on your balcony or taking a dip in the pool. Luxury doesn’t need to be a hassle! We’ve rounded up some of the best locations for a villa that are within an hour and a half of the terminals. We hope this list helps you narrow down the search when looking for your perfect Greek villa 90 minutes from an airport. 

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Benefits of Staying in a Greek Villa 90 Minutes from an Airport

Staying in a luxury Greek villa 90 minutes from an airport can make an amazing holiday to Greece even better. Greece has lots of types of holiday accommodation to choose from. These are a few of the main reasons why we love Greek villas

  • Location – It practically goes without saying that one of the great things about a Greek villa 90 minutes from an airport, is that it is near the airport! Within a convenient hour and a half, you can be relaxing in your comfortable holiday abode! Whether you have travel weary kids or simply want the holiday to start as soon as possible, nearby accommodation is just what you need. What’s more, staying in a greek villa 90 minutes from an airport doesn’t mean you have to lose any of the gorgeous scenery or peaceful seclusion that might come with staying somewhere more distant.
  • Privacy – Escape the crowds and other tourists at popular hotels and resorts. Greek villas are great if you love peace and seclusion. Or vice versa, host a private party and don’t worry about unwanted guests or disturbing others. Renting a private Greek villa can give you the privacy and freedom to spend your holiday however you see fit.
  • Host Multiple People – Greek villas can be the most adaptable type of holiday accommodation if you are travelling in bigger groups. Planning a Greek holiday for the family? Many villas have enclosed gardens for children to safely run around in and amenities like table football and pingpong. Craving a sophisticated couples retreat? Find a Greek villa with a private pool and outdoor terrace for evening drinks under the stars. If you aren’t all travelling together, staying in a Greek villa 90 minutes from an airport is a great idea as it means you can all meet up easily and quickly at the villa.
A white circular villa with a terracotta roof shrouded by pink flowers with the blue sea and sky in the background.

Airports in Greece

Greece has 67 airports, 15 of which are international. Whether you want to explore the mainland or fly directly to a Greek Island, there are plenty of options available. The most well connected airports for U.K. travellers include:

Flying to Greece is so popular that in 2019 it was one of the top ten travel destinations from the U.K. If you are unsure of where in Greece you would like to visit, why not read about these 8 Greek Islands to give you inspiration? 

Best Areas to Find A Greek Villa 90 Minutes from an Airport

We have consulted the map. We have delved deep into the world of luxury Greek villas. All to find some of the best locations to look for a Greek villa in. Whether you’ve booked your flights and now need to find nearby accommodation or know you want to visit Greece but can’t decide the best airport to fly to, this list should help solve your problem! So without any further ado, here are the best areas for a Greek villa 90 minutes from an Airport.

Best Area for a Greek Villa Near Athens Airport

If you are flying into Athens airport, we recommend looking for a villa in the Athenian Riviera. About an hour from Athens airport, the riviera is a gorgeous 50km long stretch of coastline. This area is a superb place to have a base for your holiday as both the ancient culture and sites of the Greek capital and the sparkling blue sea are within reach. If you want to narrow the search down even more, Sounio and Saronida are two fantastic neighbourhoods for a Greek villa 90 minutes from the airport.

Best Area for a Greek Villa Near Thessaloniki Airport

One of the best areas to search for a greek villa if you are flying into Thessaloniki Airport, is Kassandra. Kassandra is one of the three peninsulas that make up Halkidiki. The region is famed for its pristine white sand beaches, sparkling turquoise waters and luscious nature. Kassandra is popular in particular for its vibrant bars and electric atmosphere. Finding a luxury Greek villa on the beach here is paradise.

Distant islands dot the deep blue sea which stretches away from the white balcony of a Greek villa 90 minutes from an airport.

Best Area for a Greek Villa Near Heraklion Airport

There are lots of amazing areas to find a Greek villa 90 minutes from an airport in Crete. If you have the budget, Elounda is one area sure to steal your heart. An hour from Heraklion Airport, Elounda is located on the edge of the idyllic lagoon of Korfos Bay. Every year this glamorous area hosts many celebrities and heads of state. It is said to have the most private helicopter landings in Greece. Located an hour in the other direction is Rethymno. This is a great place for a Greek villa as many of Crete’s top attractions are accessible. The town itself is a stunning maze of Venetian-Ottoman architecture and there are beaches and a harbour nearby. 

Best Area for a Greek Villa Near Diagoras International Airport

Rhodes is one of the best Greek islands for history lovers and renting a villa here is perfect for unwinding after a day of exploring. If you are flying into Rhodes Airport, we recommend looking for a villa near Lindos. This beautiful village overlooks a glorious bay and is crowned by a magnificent acropolis. Traditional whitewashed houses line the maze of cobbled streets. It is a brilliant place to have a base as you can easily mix up relaxing on one of Lindos’ three beaches with visiting the impressive archaeological sites in the surrounding area. 

Best Area for a Greek Villa Near Santorini Airport

Santorini is an island made up of picturesque villages and unparalleled views. Some of the best areas for a villa near the airport in Santorini include Fira and Pyrgos. Fira is particularly good if you are going on a friends’ trip as the area combines beautiful natural scenery with an exciting nightlife. Pyrgos is the perfect place for couples and honeymooners. Relaxed and slightly further from the beaten track, this area oozes romance. Fira and Pyrgos are both only about a 15 minute drive from Santorini Airport. You can turn your nose up at a Greek villa 90 minutes from an airport!

More Travel Guidance

We hope this guide will help you find your perfect Greek villa 90 minutes from an airport. Once you’ve found your dream accommodation, all that is left to do is pack your bag with eco-friendly travel essentials and hop on a flight! At Virtual Wanderlust, our passion is to provide holiday inspiration. Whether it’s by preparing you with 9 things to know before you go to Antigua, or tempting you with 5 reasons to go to Spain!  Make sure you don’t miss out by following us on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.


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